The New Web-based Phase 2 Tool

Published: 16 May 2017
Web-based p2 on a tablet

A web-based replacement for the ESO Phase 2 observing preparation tool P2PP3, named p2, has been released. Starting from Period 99 (1 April 2017), p2 is being used for (designated) Visitor Mode observations at Paranal, with the exceptions of VIMOS and GRAVITY. The plan is to extend the tool to support Service Mode by the end of 2017.

The use of the new observing tool provides a flexible and efficient observing experience for Visitor Mode observations. p2 implements current features available in P2PP3 with important new benefits:
(1) it allows the PI, or her/his Phase 2 delegate, to create or modify Observing Blocks (OBs) directly in the ESO database from a web browser;
(2) OB changes done through p2 are immediately visible in the Paranal Control Room;
(3) visiting astronomers and designated visiting astronomers are able to conduct their observations in real time using an execution sequence.
In addition, advanced users can use an Application Programming Interface (API) to programmatically create and modify large numbers of OBs.

p2 is under active development and we encourage users to send their comments and suggestions for improvements to the User Support Department.