Period 96 Proposal Allocation

Published: 04 Jul 2015
360 degree fish-eye (fulldome) view of Paranal Observatory

The 96th Observing Programmes Committee met on 19–21 May 2015. A total of 1168.4 (8-hour equivalent) nights of visitor and service mode observations were allocated on the VLT/VLTI, VISTA, VST, the 3.6-metre, NTT and APEX telescopes. The following announcement provides details of Phase 2 for Service Mode observations.

On the VLT, the balance between Visitor and Service Mode in Period 96 was 37.8% and 48.8% (+ 19.4% fillers). Public surveys, and new and ongoing Large Programmes, on the VLT occupy 23.7% of the allocation, while the equivalent numbers on the 3.6-metre and NTT are 42.1% and 59.2%, respectively. A 66.2 night allocation to the two Public Spectroscopic Surveys with VIMOS was made. The outcome of the time allocation was communicated to the PIs of the 963 proposals submitted in P96 on Thursday, 2 July 2015.