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Day 1

10:00 Introduction James Miley
10:15 Evidence for a recently ejected planet in the circumbinary disk of DG CrA Rob Van Holstein
10:30 Early Planet Formation in Embedded Disks (eDisk): A first look at the Class 0 prostostar GSS30 IRS3 Alejandro Santamaría
10:45 Estimation of structural parameters of protoplanetary disks from visibilities using deep learning Kevin Diaz
11:00 Coffee Break 30 m
11:30 Multi-wavelength observations of transition disks Anibal Sierra
11:45 Substructures in Transition Disks in Taurus SFR Marie Madeleine Rodriguez S
12:00 Multi-wavelength study of the transitional disk MP Mus Aurora Aguayo
12:15 TBC Sebastian Jorquera/Laura Perez
12:30 Lunch 1h 30
14:00 Not as high as you might think: atomic carbon distribution in HD 163296 Francisco Urbina
14:15 Investigating the origin of CO gas in debris disks using HST and ALMAobservations Aoife Brennan
14:30 Observing disks in CI and CO in band 10 Bill Dent
14:45 Estudio de condritos carbonáceos y su relación con la nebulosa solar temprana Samanta Aravena
15:00 Coffee Break 30 m
15:30 Embedded disks: how to disentangle them? Elizabeth Artur de la Villarmois
15:45 Distribution of H2CO in Protoplanetary Disk HD163296 Claurio Hernandez-Vera
16:00 The 14N/15N Isotopic Ratio in Protoplanetary Disk V4046 Sgr Luna Marin
16:15 Wrap Up  

Day 2

10:00 The AGE-PRO ALMA Survey: A glimpse into the evolution of gas in protoplanetarydisks Carolina Agurto
10:15 Lines analysis in the Ophiuchus molecular cloud: Gas in the ODISEA survey DOI:10.5281/zenodo.10002044 Camilo Gonzalez Ruilova
10:30 Multi-frequency analysis of protoplanetary discs in the Ophiuchus star-formingregion Prachi Chavan
10:45 Connecting Disk Rings and Gaps with Exoplanets Demographics DOI:10.5281/zenodo.10009717 Gijs Mulders
11:00 Coffee Break 30 m
11:30 The interferometric view of episodic accretions disks of FUor sources Aaron Labdon
11:45 Spirals and Clumps around an FU Ori Star: Signs of Planet Formation viaGravitational Instability? Philipp Weber
12:00 A systematic survey of radio flaring variability in young stellar objects Jaime Vargas
12:15 Rotation analysis of young and old clusters Douglas Rodriguez Alves
12:30 Lunch 1h 30
14:00 External irradiation as the main heat source in the ring of ISO-Oph2 Simon Cassasus
14:15 A deep learning approach to complete the uv-plane of ALMA interferometric observations Sebastian Perez
14:30 Protoplanet Express, a Video Game Based on Hydrodynamical Simulations Jorge Cuadra
14:45 Coffee Break 30m

Discussion Session

16:15 Wrap Up