as at 12-Apr-2010
B. BrandlThe complementary nature of JWST and E-ELT in mid-IR observations (abstract)
A. CalamidaCharacterizing the lowest mass freely floating objects in star forming regions (abstract)
M. CantielloSurface Brightness Fluctuations with next generation telescopes (abstract)
B. JungwiertLine profiles in shell galaxies: a case for extremely large telescopes (abstract)
A. Küpcü YoldaşObserving kinematic effects of supermassive black holes up to z~0.2 (abstract)
M. Lehnert3D spectroscopy of distant galaxies: obtaining a deep understanding of gas physics and galaxy growth (TBC) (abstract)
S. MorrisEAGLE: An MOAO-fed multiple deployable IFU system working in the NIR on the E-ELT (abstract)
M. StumpfResolved spectroscopy of brown dwarf binaries in the mid-IR with JWST and E-ELT
N. ThatteHARMONI: a visible / near-infrared integral field spectrograph for the E-ELT (abstract)
E. VoyerUnderstanding the assembly of galaxies at z 1 through FUV number counts (abstract)