VO 2002 Posters


Scientific Motivation, Roadmap for Development and Current Status
June 10 - 14, 2002

Garching, Germany

Poster Presentations

1. Salim Ansari Visualisation Tools for very large amounts of Data
2. Alex Bergier Building the MEGA Pipeline in the Era of Virtual Observatories
3. Francois Bonnarel Aladin in the VO context
4. Oleg Bykov Laplacean ideology for preliminary orbit determination in Virtual Epoch
6. Michael Corbin Innovations in the Multimission Archive at Space Telescope (MAST)
5. Marco Costa 1. Message Passing Interface (MPI) for Parallel Computing,
2. How can the J2EE model and technologies help build the AVO
7. Mark Cresitello-Dittmar Chandra Pipelines - Meeting the Science and Engineering Challenges
8. Lindsey Davis Tools for Automated Astrometric and Photometric Calibration of Survey Data
9. Richard de Grijs ASTROVIRTEL as a Tool to Study Star Cluster Populations in Starburst Galaxies
10. Bernard Debray Using XML-Schema to extract informations from present and future astronomical data bases
11. Bernard Debray Galactic models and the Astronomical Virtual Observatory
12. Nausicaa Delmotte Multispectral analysis of the Magellanic Clouds using the Master Catalogue of stars towards the Magellanic Clouds
13. Sébastien Derriere UCDs : metadata for the VO
14. Marcus Dolensky Applicability of emerging Resource Discovery Standards to the VO
15. Günther Eichhorn The Astronomy Digital Library and the VO
16. Dieter Engels The digitized Hamburg Objective Prism Surveys Web-based access to spectra of objects with B<18 mag and |b|>30 deg
17. Dieter Engels The Hamburg/RASS Catalogue of Optical Identifications of X-ray sources from the ROSAT Bright Source Catalogue
18. Wlodzimierz Godlowski The method of orthonormalization of incomplete data sets for 2D distribution of radiogalaxies
19. Ana I. Gomez de Castro The World Space Observatory Archive (WSO/UV)Requirements for inter-operation
20. Preben Grosbøl The Need for a Common Data Analysis Environment
21. Dirk Grupe Multiwavelength studies of Active Galactic Nuclei
22. Frederic Hessman Accessing Small and Very Large Telescopes with RTML
23. Rene Hudec The CCD Sky Patrols and Plate Archives
24. Nadejda Kalinina Virtual Observatory Portal. Convenience and Attractiveness.
25. Mireille Louys IDHA Image archive model
26. Thomas McGlynn Classifying the High Energy Universe with ClassX
27. Thomas McGlynn Linking NASA's Astronomy Data Archives
28. Alain Omont PRIME: A Deep Near-infrared Survey Project
29. Patricio Ortiz A practical approach to catalogued-data visualization
30. Norbert Pirzkal Multi-object Spectroscopy: Automatic extraction and previewing of spectra
31. Philippe Prugniel HyperLeda
32. Alejandra Rodríguez Fernández Relational Database with Web Interface for Spectral Classification of Stars
33. Isabelle Scholl The SolarWeb semantic data model for describing relationships between heterogeneous solar databases
34. Enrique Solano Development of a Multimission Archive at LAEFF
35. Oleg Verkhodanov To creation of virtual radio observatory
36. Oleg Verkhodanov The CATS database as a tool to study radio sources
37. Natalia Verkhodanova System to study evolution of radio galaxies
38. Giampaolo Vettolani Automated Data Reduction and Analysis Tools for the VIMOS Integral Field Unit
39. Vladimir Vitkovskij Another view on the Virtual Observatory
40. Hans Weghorn Possibilities for convenient desktop access to the GRID and to virtual observatories
41. Hans Weghorn Applying data compression methods to archived astronomical data sets
42. J. S. Yadav Multiwavelength studies of Microquasar GRS 1915+105
43. Zhao Yongheng Classification of active objects in the multiwavelength parametric space
44. Olga Zhelenkova Science data archives. Feedback relations.
45. David Zurek The Role of the Simulations Archive
  Fionn Murtagh et al. Computational and Information Infrastructure in the Astronomical DataGrid

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