First Announcement




(Weighing Galaxies)

Venezia, Italy, October 24-26, 2001




Scientific Organizing Committee: R. Bender (Co-Chair), F. Bertola, J. Binney, M. Dickinson, D. Koo, Y. Mellier, M. Pettini, A. Renzini (Co-Chair), and R. Sancisi.

Dear Colleague:

As you well know, measuring the mass of galaxies located at higher and higher redshift is perhaps one of the most challenging open issues in current astronomical research with intimate connections to cosmological structure formation. Therefore, ESO and the Universitaets Sternwarte Muenchen are jointly organizing this 3-day workshop, and we would like to invite you to attend the meeting.

The workshop will be hosted by the Venice International University, singularly located on an island in the Lagoon in close sight of Venice.

The program will start with a review of current techniques to measure the baryonic (stellar) and total mass of nearby galaxies, and will soon focus on current attempts and future perspectives at measuring these quantities at higher and higher redshifts.

The FINAL deadline for registration is June 15, 2001.

The attendance will necessarily be limited to 120 participants, so we suggest you to register as early as possible. This will include your choice for the accommodation, on a "first come first served" basis. Note that we have pre-booked several convenient accommodations in Venice that we have to finally confirm shortly after the registration deadline.

Registration can be submitted online from our web page, or by email using the form below.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Venice.

With best wishes,

Ralf Bender and Alvio Renzini