Personal Data Protection Notice - Visiting Astronomers Travel form

ESO is an intergovernmental organisation, entrusted with privileges and immunities necessary to fulfil its mission. ESO, within the implementation of its mission that is decided by its member states, is committed to the protection of personal data. ESO processes personal data in accordance with its internal legislation, which builds on the principles of internationally established best practices, in particular the European Union’s data protection principles.

By submitting your Travel form to ESO, you accept the following terms and conditions.

The data that Visiting Astronomers provide for the organization, management and conclusion of their visit to ESO, will be used only for that purpose. ESO does not collect data for commercial purposes and does not transfer data to third parties for any other purposes.

Submitting data to ESO is voluntary. By doing so, the Visiting Astronomers grant ESO the permission to use the data for the intended purpose. It is noted that not providing certain data may result in ESO’s inability to provide the information or service requested by the Visiting Astronomer.

The ESO Headquarters are located in Garching bei München, Germany. Additionally, ESO operates observatories in the Atacama Desert in Chile, and offices in Santiago de Chile. ESO operations are shared among all these sites, therefore data that Visiting Astronomers provide to ESO might be transferred among these locations within the ESO structures.

ESO will hold the personal data for as long as it is considered necessary for the purpose for which the Visiting Astronomer provided the data.

ESO has implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security which we deem appropriate, taking into account the categories of data we collect and the way we process it. ESO assumes no responsibility for the security of the personal data provided.

Within the limitations arising from ESO’s privileges and immunities, Visiting Astronomers may ask ESO whether it is keeping personal data about them, and request to receive a copy of that personal data, free of charge by sending an email to . As a safeguard against abuse, ESO will ask the requester to provide a proof of identity before providing the requester with any personal data. If the requester is not able to provide a proof of identity, ESO reserves the right to refuse to send the personal data. Visiting Astronomers may request at any time that ESO corrects the personal data in its record regarding the Visiting Astronomer by sending an email to .

Nothing in or relating to these terms and conditions shall be deemed a waiver of any privileges and immunities of ESO in conformity with the Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere, signed on 12 July 1974.

If you have any inquiries about this Notice, please contact