Preliminary List of Invited Speakers



Simon Casassus (Universidad de Chile) -The ALMA revolutionary contribution to planet-forming disks over the first 10 cycles

Kaitlin M. Kratter (University of Arizona) – Forming planets through gravitational instabilities: results from simulation

Ilaria Pascucci (University of Arizona) – Spectroscopy with JWST: the beginning of a new era for the field of planet-forming disks

Christophe Pinte (Monash University) – Kinematic Structures in Planet-Forming Disks

Claudia Toci (ESO Garching) – Planet-Disk Interaction

Andrew Winter (Observatory of the Cote d'Azur) – The importance of the environment on disk evolution and planet formation



Dana Anderson (Carnegie Institute) – The chemical connection between disks and planets: Results from the ALMA Large Program DECO

Justin Campbell-White (ESO Garching) – Disk demographics and disk evolution: Results from the VLT-PENELLOPE and HST-ULLYSES Large Programs

Antonio Garufi (INAF) – Optical and Near-infrared View of Planet-forming Disks: Results from the VLT/SPHERE Large Program DESTINYS

Andres Izquierdo (University of Florida) – Kinematic Structures in Planet-Forming Disks: Results from the ALMA Large Program EXO-ALMA

Leon Trapman (UW–Madison) – Gas evolution in protoplanetary disks: Results from the ALMA Large Program AGE-PRO

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