Research Project

Chemical Evolution of Galaxies in the Early Universe

Pooneh Nazari (ESO) & Danial Langeroodi (DARK, University of Copenhagen)

(email advisors)

The gas-phase metallicity of galaxies holds a record of their chemical enrichment histories and the processes that drive and regulate it, including gas accretion, mergers, and feedback-driven outflows. These processes and their relative prominence in different galaxies are the foundations of the theories of galaxy formation and evolution. Since these processes and their combination are expected to be simpler for young galaxies in the early universe, observational constraints on the gas-phase metallicities of early-universe galaxies are crucial to advance our theories of galaxy formation and evolution. In this project, the student will infer and analyse the gas-phase metallicities and elemental ratios of early-universe galaxies based on JWST and ALMA data. The derived properties will be compared against numerical/analytical simulations to identify the galaxy formation and chemical enrichment pathways favoured by the observations. The exact scope of the project will be developed in consultation with the student, to take their interest into account. The student is greatly encouraged to take an active role in this process.