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Abstract submission: 10 January 2023
Registration deadline for in-person participants:   15 January 2023
Deadline for payment of the registration fee (only in-person participants)  26 January 2023 
Registration deadline for on-line participants: 31 January 2023

There will be a registration fee of 150 Euros for in-person participants (80 Euros for students).

We have a limited budget to support (early career) participants without funding, please contact for more information.

There is no registration fee for remote participants.

The registration fee is payable through the ESO shop via credit card.

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For cancellations please contact, the registration fee will be automatically refunded in full if cancelled before the start of the conference.

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Breakout sessions: Please indicate whether you woud be interested in one or more of the following topics

1. Should reviewers receive compensation for their services or should it be considered as part of our duties to the community?

2. What private data can we collect and use? Do limitations in this direction pose restrictions to the review process?

3. What do we expect as an outcome of a review process? Is the expert review ideal? Are there advantages of diverse reviewers or outside-field reviewers?

4. What is the goal of Peer-review? 

5. There are numerous biases affecting the review process: regional, language, gender,... Can we mitigate their effect in the review process?

6. Important aspect of peer review is feedback from the reviewers to the applicants. How useful is this feedback? Can it be improved?

7. What is the effect of the discussion phase during peer-view within the panel? Does in-person or online discussion make a difference?

8. What are the effects of double-blind peer review and how is it perceived in the community?

9. Something else?

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