ESO on-line conference: The present and future of Astronomy



Science plays a crucial role in modern society. Scientists foster knowledge and produce results that have often immediate impact on the life of people. In this context, astronomy plays a privileged role. While having an extraordinary impact on the imagination of many people, astronomy enables researchers to use front-end technology to explore the Universe and its beauty. Driven by a genuine passion for their work, the community of professional astronomers is permeated by a round-the-clock exchange of technical expertise, basic knowledge and scientific discoveries that goes beyond any cultural barrier. 

Astronomical research often puts technology beyond its limits. The observation of the deep Universe at many wavelengths requires building expensive cutting-edge telescopes and instrumentations (often using public funds) that are producing enormous volumes of data that are becoming every day more difficult to handle and store. The increasing complexity and diversity of the data is already today requiring the support of Artificial Intelligence to get to the depth of the scientific information hidden in each collected photon. 

Astronomical research is communicated mostly through a well-established network of professional journals supporting the publication of tens of scientific manuscripts every day. Scientific publications play a critical role not only in the development and share of knowledge, but also in the sustainability of the research activity itself. It is not uncommon practice to use publication related metrics in evaluation, assessments of performances and hiring processes. This fact has in the recent years put significant pressure on researchers at all career stages, with the risk that the productivity of each individual might gain more and more relevance over the intrinsic quality of the research. 

In this on-line workshop we invite the astronomical community to discuss with the help of professional from several scientific and social disciplines, the concerns raised above and to learn about possible new solutions. 

A fully on-line workshop

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