Scientific Rationale

Garching, Germany, February 25 - March 1, 2013

Goals of the workshop

The E-ELT instrument roadmap describes the sequence of delivery of instruments for the new telescope. The first light instruments, ELT-CAM and ELT-IFU, have already been selected. ELT-CAM will be a diffraction limited near-infrared camera fed by a multi-conjugate adaptive optics system. ELT-IFU will be a wide-band integral field spectrograph capable of working at the diffraction limit of the telescope in the NIR (when fed by an AO system) and also of operating under seeing limited conditions and at optical wavelengths without AO.

Future instruments on the roadmap include an MIR imager and spectrograph, a multi-object spectrograph and a high resolution spectrograph. The aim of this workshop is to solicit ideas from the ESO community on the possible science cases and requirements for these future instruments, expanding upon the ideas already identified in the Design Reference Mission, the Design Reference Science Case and the Phase A instrument studies. We expect the workshop to explore the full range of science cases, parameter space and instrument techniques that may be relevant for instruments coming into operation in the mid-2020s.

The instrument roadmap includes the possibility of introducing completely new concepts into the suite of future instruments. Novel scientific and technological ideas are also invited for this workshop.

As part of the programme, there will be a discussions on these and other aspects of the E-ELT.