Observing Planetary Systems II

Santiago, Chile, March 5-8, 2012


Goal of this Workshop

This workshop will bring together both communities of solar system and extra-planetary systems scientists to discuss, mostly from an observational standpoint, our understanding of the formation of our solar system and its early chemistry, and how it fits with recent observations and current knowledge of the formation of planetary systems at large. Emphasis will be made on the capabilities provided by ALMA and the next generation of Adaptive Optics Planet Finders (e.g. SPHERE) to search for, and characterize, young planetary systems.

This 4-day meeting will be held in Chile, at the ESO-Chile headquarters in Santiago on March 5-8, 2012. Our conference room will be able to hold a capacity of about 100 people.

A one day technical workshop focused on High Contrast Imaging & Spectroscopy will take place on Friday, March 9th, 2012.
If you want to participate, tick the corresponding box in the registration form or, if you have already registered, please let us know via e-mail.


Conference e-mail: ops2012@eso.org

Organiser: ESO

Final Announcement

(Feb. 14, 2012)

We have reached our maximum capacity of participants and the registration form is now closed as well as the waiting list.