Obscured AGN Across Cosmic Time -Participants

Obscured AGN Across Cosmic Time

Seeon, Bavaria, Germany, 5-8 June 2007




Conference Photo


Marco Ajello (participant)
Dave Alexander (invited)
Mark Allen (short)
Almudena Alonso-Herrero (contributed)
David Axon (participant)
Philip Best (invited)
Erin Bonning (participant)
Konstantina Boutsia (participant)
Kate Brand (targeted)
Marcella Brusa (contributed)
Andrew Bunker (short)
Sara Buttiglione (participant)
Andrea Cattaneo (short)
Eleni Chatzichristou (participant)
Kuenley Chiu (short)
Michele Cirasuolo (short)
Francesca Civano (participant)
Steve Croft (short)
Richard Davies (targeted)
Carlos De Breuck (participant)
Agnese Del Moro (participant)
Daniel Dicken (short)
Mark Dijkstra (short)
Sandro D'Odorico (targeted)
Michelle Doherty (participant)
Jennifer Donley (short)
Gaelle Dumas (short)
Jacobo Ebrero (participant)
Siegdried Falter (participant)
Cristina Fernandes (participant)
Juan Antonio Fernandez-Ontiveros (participant)
Robert Fosbury (participant)
Audrey Galametz (short)
Reinhard Genzel (invited)
Roberto Gilli (short)
Brent Groves (contributed)
Martin Haas (contributed)
Martin Hardcastle (contributed)
Guenther Hasinger (invited)
Tim Heckman (invited)
Erin Hicks (short)
Andrew Humphrey (contributed)
Masatoshi Imanishi (contributed)
Violetta Impellizzeri (participant)
Matt Jarvis (contributed)
Bruno Jungwiert (participant)
Guinevere Kauffmann (contributed)
Anton Koekemoer (targeted)
Martin Krause (participant)
Julian Krolik (contributed)
Mirko Krumpe (participant)
Jaron Kurk (short)
Alvaro Labiano (participant)
Fabio La Franca (short)
Robert Laing (participant)
Dharam Lal (participant)
Alessandra Lamastra (participant)
Ari Laor (short)
Andy Lawrence (contributed)
Matt Lehnert (invited)
Christian Leipski (participant)
Manuela Magliocchetti (contributed)
Vincenzo Mainieri (participant)
Roberto Maiolino (invited)
Alejo Martinez-Sansigre (targeted)
Paul Martini (contributed)
Silvia Mateos (participant)
Yuichi Matsuda (tergeted)
Jean-Christophe Mauduit (participant)
Andrea Merloni (contributed)
Marco Mignoli (participant)
Raffaella Morganti (invited)
Tohru Nagao (contributed)
Thodori Nakos (participant)
Nicole Nesvadba (contributed)
Marek Nikolajuk (participant)
Chris O'Dea (contributed)
Stefan Oslowski (participant)
Roderik Overzier (contributed)
Francesca Panessa (participant)
Mari Polletta (targeted)
Marijana Povic (participant)
David Raban (participant)
Cristina Ramos Almeida (participant)
Anita Reimer (short)
Alessandro Rettura (short)
Jane Rigby (participant)
Guido Risaliti (contributed)
J. Gordon Robertson (participant)
Brigitte Rocca-Volmerange (participant)
José Miguel Rodriguez-Espinosa (participant)
Nicola Sacchi (participant)
Anna Sajina (participant)
Dave Sanders (short)
Eleonora Sani (participant)
Sergey Sazonov (contributed)
Marc Schartmann (participant)
Kevin Schawinski (contributed)
Nicholas Seymour (targeted)
Andrew Sheinis (participant)
Ohad Shemmer (contributed)
Marek Sikora (invited)
Chris Simpson (short)
Daniel Smith (participant)
Henrik Spoon (contributed)
Volker Springel (invited)
Daniel Stern (invited)
Ivana Stoklasova (participant)
Chritian Struve (participant)
Linda Tacconi (targeted)
Clive Tadhunter (targeted)
Paolo Tozzi (contributed)
Hien Tran (contributed)
Ezequiel Treister (targeted)
Konrad Tristram (contributed)
Jack Tueller (targeted)
Tanya Urrutia (short)
Wil van Breugel (short)
Varoujan Gorjian(participant)
Bram Venemans (participant)
Joel Vernet (participant)
Liza Videla (short)
Cristian Vignali (short)
Montse Villar-Martin (contributed)
Vivienne Wild (contributed)
Nadia Zakamska (invited)
Andrew Zirm (contributed)

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