"Micro Workshop Interferometry (MWI)"


9:30 C. Hummel Introduction to long baseline interferometry, Michelson interferometer, visibility amplitude and phase, Van Cittert - Zernike Theorem, Earth-rotation aperture synthesis, measurement of stellar diameters, measurement of double stars, orbit determination, interferometric imaging
10:20 V. Coude du Foresto Calibration of single-mode beam combiner data, Calibration of interferometric data, Calibrator stars, single-mode fiber calibration,
Fluor concept
10:50 P. Kervella Scientific results of the VINCI instrument, VINCI concept, scientific results
**** Coffee break 11:20****
11:50 A. Quirrenbach Science with optical/IR/MIR interferometry, Astrophysical relevance of stellar diameter measurements, observations of spectroscopic binaries, shapes of stars, dust shells, disks, other interferometers
**** Lunch break 12:30****
14:00 M. Schoeller The role of VLTI and what more it offers, Comparative description of the VLTI including very brief instrument descriptions, VLTI configurations, adaptive optics on the UTs, the concept of VLTI
service mode observations, interferometry checklist for research projects, tools for proposal writing
14:50 S. Morel What MIDI can do for you, Description of MIDI, peculiarities of observations at 10 microns including background limitation (relationship between reflectivity and emissivity of optics), acquisition of strong and faint targets, tip-tilt tracking, photometric fluctuations,
spectrometry with MIDI's broad bandpass
**** Coffee break 15:20****
15:50 M. Vannier What AMBER could do for you, Description of AMBER and potential for astrophysics, closure and differential phase, suitability for surveys, suitability for imaging
16:20 E. Galliano AGN and the VLTI, observations of NGC 1068, How many AGN will be available?, MIDI observations of NGC 1068
16:50 A. Quirrenbach FINITO, PRIMA and future instrumentation for VLTI, Fringe tracking and its meaning for limiting magnitude, phase referencing and planet detection
**** End of workshop - 17:30****