International Workshop jointly organized by:
ESO/Chile, FONDAP-Chile and Universidad de Chile

Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei at all Scales
at ESO/Santiago Headquarters, Chile - December 3 to 6, 2003


FONDAP-Chile, ESO-Chile and Universidad de Chile jointly announce an international workshop on
the study of physical processes in AGN environments. One of the goals of the workshop is to
train young researchers in the field.

International experts will review a wide range of topics and attendees are invited to present individual
contributions. A wealth of new observational constraints on AGN are now available thanks to recent key
space missions and large ground-based telescopes. Therefore, it is exciting and timely to see how these
fit in with model predictions and to explore the new perspectives they bring to the field. A general overview
of all related issues, in the form of a tutorial, will introduce the workshop.

Then, starting with the theory of BHs and accretion disks, the discussion will focus on the physics of the
material in the vicinity of the central source and related radiative processes. Moving to larger scales, interactions
with the surrounding stellar environment will be considered before concentrating on the inferred evolution of luminosity
functions with redshift and AGN-galaxy formation scenarios. While the emphasis will be on providing a solid theoretical
base, appropriate results from recent observations across the electromagnetic spectrum will be discussed.

Chile is a particularly apt venue for this workshop. Its current and planned world-class observational facilities, with
their increase in sensitivity (Magellan, Gemini, VLT) and high angular resolution (adaptive optics, VLTI, ALMA), are
crucial for AGN research.


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Last Update: September 22, 2003