FEROS Mounting Procedures

FEROS Mounting Procedure At the Dome and after MEC performed the WFI Dismount.

  • Remove baffle.
  • Place the FEROS Adapter underneath the cell.
  • Lift the plattaform carefully, make sure all cables and FIBER are safe.
  • Unscrew the bolts, use your hands do not use a screw driver.
  • Install the 3 guide pins, at 120 degrees.
  • CAREFULLY MEC and Optics should now install the FEROS Adapter.
  • Tighten using 6 bolts.
  • Remove guide pins.
  • Lower the FEROS cart.
  • Unscrew the 3 bronze legs from the adapter.
  • Lower the plattform, be extra carefull about the FEROS FIBER.

Now proceed to Mount the WFI.

  • Connect fiber on ace box, be carefull with the numbering.
  • Connect cooling hoses.
  • Connect TCCD cable 1 (small one).
  • Connect TCCD cable 2 (small one).
  • Remove protective connector from PATCH.
  • Connect TCCD cable 3 (bigger one).