WFI Mounting Procedures

(1) Call the mechanics, they will mount the WFI with tools stored in the big green tool box next to the electronic rack at the 2.2m dome floor.

(2) In the Dome:

  • At PULPO connect the cables labelled:
    • PULPO Power cable
    • PULPO
    • Telephone alarm (unplug the bypass)
    • The two black optic fibres
  • At the FIERA junction BOX (base of the telescope, west side) connect the two orange optic fibres.
  • At the WFI controller, connect:
    • RS-232
    • PULPO
    • X-114
    • X-115
  • Connect the N2 hose flow
  • At the FIERA rack connect:
    • Big black cable
    • The 2 cooling hoses shielded male and female and connect one to each other
    • The ground cable
  • Switch the PULPO on
  • Swith the FIERA on.
  • Switch the WFI Controller on.
  • Take out the telescope lock pins.
  • Turn on the PUMP at the base of the telescope.

(3) In the Control Room:

  • Start FIERA environment: vccEnvStart -e wodt5.
  • Check psg ccs if environment is up, and then follow the WFI/FEROS Checklist StartUp procedure.

(4) Hardware Test:

  • rlogin odt5 -l fcdrun
  • export DISPLAY = xxx:0.0
  • fcdtestseq... all OK. Select option 2 (off line).
  • exit

(5) Pulpo Check:

  • rlogin odt5 -l fcdrun
  • fcdstoppulpo
  • fcdserver... if it's o.k. do a ctrl+c
  • fcdpserver&