FEROS Dismounting Procedures

FEROS Dismounting Procedure At the Dome and after the WFI Dismount.

  • Before attempting anything make sure that the M3 is on Park.
  • Turn Off ace box.
  • Disconnect cables from PATCH.
  • Put protective connector at the PATCH CCD side.
  • Unscrew the bolts, use your hands do not use a screw driver.
  • Disconnect red hose from ace box.
  • Disconnect CCD cooling hose.
  • Connect them together (Red hose and Cooling hose).
  • Disconnect the Fibers, protect them.

Optics and MEC will now remove the FEROS Adapter

  • Put baffle in.

At the Dome and after the FEROS Adapter Dismount Mount the WFI.