Special non-ESO User Filters

The use of special or user supplied filters during Service Mode operations is generally not allowed. If your programme requires special non-ESO filters that you wish to supply, please contact the User Support Department as soon as you receive the time allocation notification to discuss your requirements.

You should be aware of the following technical restrictions:

  • HAWK-I, VISIR, VIRCAM: The use of non-ESO filters in these cryogenic instruments is not currently possible. To discuss the possibility of revising the ESO supplied filter sets in these instruments, please contact Paranal Observatory and User Support Department prior to submission of the proposal.
  • FORS2: The use of special filters during Service Mode operations is not allowed. See the FORS web pages for further information.

When you are ready to ship your filter to Chile, please contact the Observing Programmes Office for assistance. Please allow up to one month for your shipment to arrive at the telescope.

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