Who are we?

We are a group of seven persons with complementary educations, experiences, backgrounds and nationalities. We all participate in different but overlapping aspects of an instrument development and integration. Our skills cover the following domains of expertise: cryogenics, vacuum technologies, optics, opto-mechanics, mechanical design, machining, optical and opto-mechanical integration, programming, CAD (mechanical desktop, inventor, CATIA).

A list of contact persons per instrument, project and activity within our department is available.

The following table describes our contact information. By clicking on some of the pictures you can get more detailed information on us. All phone numbers must be written with the prefix: +49 89 3200 XXXX, where XXXX are the four digit of the extension number within ESO.

You can also phone us in our laboratories: Assembly hall: 6399, Metrology lab: 6314, Work shop: 6806, or send us a fax: 6457

Jean Louis Lizon

Title: Head of Department

Andrew Bruton

Phone: 6180
Email abruton
Room: 353

Christophe Dupuy

Title: deputy
Phone: 6781
Email cdupuy
Room: 353

Sebastien Tordo

Phone: 6374
Email stordo
Room: 351

Matteo Accardo

Phone: 6544
Email maccardo
Room: 304

Jean-Paul Kirchbauer

Phone: 6806
Email jpkirch
Room: 058

Gerd Jakob

Phone: 6131
Email gjakob
Room: 350