Thesis Topic: Forecasts for structure formation in the Universe from 12 Gyros to the Present (z=0-10)

Thesis Supervisors: Gergö Popping and Tony Mroczkowski


The proposed course of study will cover aspects of structure formation from the high-z (z~10, 1 Gyr after the Big Bang) to the local universe (z=0, current time). Large millimeter and submillimeter surveys with e.g. ALMA have unvealed populations of dusty, star-forming galaxies in the high redshift universe (z>2). Yet large uncertainties in how the detected line luminosities relate to total, gas, and stellar mass and to star formation rates, leaving much more work to be done in forecasting.

The student will use state-of-the art galaxy formation models to provide forecasts for future surveys connection the millimetre and Submillimeter properties of galaxies to other galaxy properties over cosmic time. An interesting aspect of this would be to improve our ability to relate such measurements to each other, place constraints on cosmology, and to make predictions for future facilities such as the proposed 50-meter Atacama Large Aperture Submm Telescope ( Additionally, these same forecasts can in principle be related to structure formation at z<2, and in particular the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich signatures of large scale structure, allowing for a robust set of predictions covering structure formation for over 90% of cosmic time.