Investigation of the cold interstellar medium of high redshift galaxies by studying the physical properties of the Atomic Carbon and high-J CO lines.

Thesis Supervisor at ESO: Paola Andreani

External Supervisors: Padelis Papadopoulos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), Zhi-Yu Zhang (ESO and ROE), Chentao Yang (ESO Chile), Francesca Pozzi (University of Bologna, Italy)


The study of the Atomic Carbon, CI, in the nearby Universe and at high redshifts has shown that CI is a very powerful tracer of the bulk of molecular gas and starts giving an advantage at z>0.5 because its intrinsically higher flux compared to low-J CO lines.  It remains well excited for the relatively diffuse cold molecular gas and it is mostly optically thin. CI is also less affected by the CMB effect in the early Universe, which prevents the full recovery of the total H2 gas, its kinematics and morphology using low-J CO line and mm/submm dust continuum observations. 

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