Modelling, analysis and test support related to vibration and control/structure interaction for the ELT telescope structure and hosted units

The following tasks are planned to be carried within a 6 months period:

  1. Adaptation to the tools available in the Directorate of engineering related to Mechanical and Control simulations.
  2. M5 and M2/M3 units, assistance on:
    • Integration of the finite element models developed by the contractors and building the system mechanical model.
    • Building the state space model for control simulation. 
    • Perform optical surface errors crosschecks.
  3. Continue the development of the simplified models of the hosted units of the telescope.
  4. Provide support with the vibration test campaign, and cross checking the measurements with the models and simulations.


Supervisors : Pablo Zuluaga / Babak Sedghi / Michael Mueller