Re-design, manufacturing, assembly of LGS cover structure

In the scope of the upcoming ESO project GRAVITY+, it is foreseen to install one laser guide star (LGS) unit on each VLT 8m telescope (UT1, UT2, UT3). The UT4 telescope was already equipped with four LGS within the scope of a former upgrade project. The UT4 LGS unit is the baseline for the next three lasers to come, but their design requires some modifications to become compliant with the recent developments.


The task of this subject is the re-design of the LGS cover structure in 3D CAD by implementing the necessary modifications, preparing the technical drawings, supervision of the manufacturing, pre-assembly and mechanical fit-check of three cover structures.


Supervisor: Ronald Guzman (Mechanical Engineering Department - Telescopes and Large Structures Group)