Designing and building an engaging optical experiment for visiting school pupils

Every year, ESO actively participates in Girls’ Day—an inspiring event designed to encourage young students to pursue studies and careers in STEM fields. At ESO, we guide these students through diverse engineering domains required for the construction and operation of telescopes.

This internship aims at creating an engaging optical experiment that showcases the role of an optical engineer at ESO. This internship seeks to develop an experiment that is both engaging and enjoyable, aiming to spark curiosity and interest. The intern will have the option to build upon existing concepts or devise an entirely novel idea.

The internship encompasses the lifecycle of the experiment, spanning from its initial design and construction to testing. This experiment should eventually constitute the optical stand at ESO's Girls Day event. It has the potential for broader use, possibly being incorporated into other Open House events throughout the year.

We are seeking an intern who is enthusiastic about astronomy, and has a robust understanding of optical engineering principles. Basic software skills are also advantageous.