TCS Shutdown for the MPG/ESO 2.2m

In the control room:

  • Send the telescope to the zenith (in Setup Panel)
  • Close main mirror cover (in Setup Panel)
  • Close dome slit (in Setup Panel)
  • Run "e2p2NewShutDown" script, this stops all processes and close all panels.
  • Exit session
  • Turn off the cofee machine!!

In the dome:

  • Close dome doors.
  • Close WFI protective shutter (in the electronics box attached to the telescope on the East side) => red light must turn on.
  • Turn off hydraulic (on the 2.2 new console) => alpha oil pressure and delta oil pressure lights must turn red. This turns off drivers amplifiers (Kepco).
  • Check that the dome is to the West and all lights are off before leaving the dome.

In the computer room:

  • Turn off pre-load (Kepco) amplifiers.

In the Electrical Circuit Breakers Room:

  • Turn off the Dome Ventilation System (middle position of the switch).