TCS Start-Up Procedure

In the Dome:

  • Turn on hydraulics (on the new console) => compressed air, oil level, check oil filter, alpha oil pressure and delta oil pressure lights must turn green
  • Turn on Main Drive (also on new console). Open WFI protective shutter (in the electronics box attached to the telescope on the East side) => green light must turn on and then off when you release the switch. Open dome doors to improve ventilation.
  • Check that the dome is in remote position and all lights are off before leaving the dome.

In the computer room:

  • In the electronics rack in the machine room (next to the control room), turn on pre-load and drive (Kepco) amplifiers (from bottom to top). Lower down in the same rack, check that the VME is in `digital' mode (small toggle switch) and then reset the VME controller board and check sidereal time on the terminal next to the rack.
  • Check that the Sparc lcu is running.

In the control room:

In w2p2ins:

  • Check that FIERA software is running, this is started up as part of the StartUp

In w2p2tcs:

  • Login as user: tcs, passwd: (see noticeboard)
  • In TCS Control workspace:
    e2p2NewStartUp  -> this script starts all the processes.  Change "TCS Setup Panel" to Setup Workspace.
    On the POM Status Set the Science Mosaic On (in the TCS Setup Panel).
  • Check that sidereal time in TCS Control Panel is correct. Initialize telescope (in TCS Setup Panel) Set the dome in Automatic position (in TCS Setup Panel) Open the dome slit (in TCS Setup Panel) Open the main mirror cover (in TCS Setup Panel.

In the Electrical Circuit Breakers Room (next to the Entrance of the Control Room):

  • During the summer time, after the Flats in the evening, turn on the Dome Ventilation System to the Exhaust Air position (right side of the switch).