Using the tracker chip for standalone observations.


These are the instructions for the use of the tracker chip in standalone mode. It was designed for the observations of Charon occulting a star on 11th July 2005.

These instructions assume that you are observing with WFI and want to switch to the tracker chips standalone mode which will permit you to save a window of the guide camera at a fast rate (e.g. 0.5s).

  • BEFORE YOU START: At w2p2ins, in wfi account: wfinsStopCCDs. This will ensure that the regular processes are down.
  • rlogin wwffcd -l fcdrun
  • su - vltmgr.
  • Set the DISPLAY variable e.g. export and test that the DISPLAY was set correctly by starting an xterm.
  • export INS_ROOT=/net/w2p2ins/data/INSROOT/WFI This will set the INS_ROOT variable.
  • export CCDNAME=wfovThis ensures the proper value of CCDNAME environment variable, which for the next step to work properly it has to be set to the mosaic (wfov).
  • fstartfcd This will start fcdCon and a few other processes... wait, this may take a few seconds...
  • From the recently opened fcdCon: first STARTUP and the ONLINE Be patient as these steps can take some time.
  • Now we switch to the tracker chip: export CCDNAME=wfovt
  • fcdSlcuCon& This starts a fcdCon for the tracker chip.
  • Check that it says wfovt
  • STARTUP (wait)
  • ONLINE (wait)
  • startRTD (wait)
  • Chose mode0 (wipe) or mode1 (no wipe)
  • set Save to file
  • set "transfer one of _ " option to 1, so all images are stored.
  • set "repetition" to the desired value
  • Shutdown fcdCon wfov
  • Shutdown fcdCon wfovt
  • Exit wwffcd xterm
  • Exit RTD
  • At w2p2ins wfinsStartCCDs

The images will be stored in $INS_ROOT/SYSTEM/DETDATA They will have the name given in the wfovt fcdCon panel.