n order to keep track of the changes made to the WFI filter wheel configuration we will keep this web based log, everytime someone from the team performs a change they MUST inform ls-wfi[at]

For detailed instructions on how to proceed when changing the filter configurations look at these instructions.

ASCII file
Inventory file
filt_02Dec2001.dat M. Martinez  
filt_17Dec2001.dat M. Martinez  
filt_18Dec2001.dat M. Martinez  
filt_29Jan2002.dat M. Martinez  
filt_12Feb2002.dat M. Martinez  
filt_28Feb2002.dat J. Cortes/F. Selman filt_inventory-28Feb2002.html
filt_05Mar2002.dat J. Araya/F. Selman filt_inventory-05Mar2002.html
filt_25Mar2002.dat M. Martinez/L. Schmidtobreick filt_inventory-25Mar2002.html
filtDB_30Sep2002.dat M. Martinez/F.Selman filt_30Sep2002.txt
filtDB_5Oct2002.dat E.Wenderoth/F. Labrana filt_5Oct2002.txt
filtDB_26Nov2002.dat L.Schmidtobreick/J. Cortes filt_26Nov2002.txt
filtDB_09Apr2003.dat L.Schmidtobreick/E. Matamoros filt_09Apr2003.txt
filtDB_20Feb2005.dat M.Martinez filt_20Feb2005.txt
filtDB_20Feb2005.dat B.Conn or O. Schuetz (no change; checked 12Dec2006) filt_20Feb2005.txt

In the above table, files are:

1 ASCII table for the dbRestore function
2 Team member whom made inventory and performed the change.
3 Inventory sheet, copy of the original in the control room.