WFI/FEROS Efficiency Program


The performance of the Efficiency script will assist on the preparation of the monthly statistics thus it is important to be accurate when reporting down, idle, technical time for BOTH INSTRUMENTS.

Every morning upon arrival the Day TIO should run the Efficiency Program (z). In order to use it you have to log in on the w2p2off machine under e2p2ops and run the command "z" on any xterm,. To do this you have to do the following: e.g. z 2005-02-02 .

1. The lost time should be entered in hh:mm format. Do not use a third field for seconds. That is, if you loose 1 hour 5 minutes 35 seconds enter 01:06.

2. The lost time fields have 00:00 defaults. Now you can just hit return instead of entering 00:00

3. Now there is a field for time "lost" to FEROS. Thus, it becomes important to keep track every night of how much time was devoted to FEROS.

4. The directory field should include only the date, not the whole path. Thus, to determine the efficiency during the night 2005-01-31 you have to type z 2005-01-31

5. The program automatically creates a file named z.yyy-mm-dd and copy it to The program will request the password.

6. The program automatically e-mails a copy of this file to ls-wfi, with an appropriate subject.