Rebooting MPG/ESO 2.2m Workstations

ReBoot Procedure The 2p2 Workstations (w2p2tcs, w2p2ins and w2p2off) should be re-booted every Tuesday. Obviously, the WS's can also be re-booted if a problem arises and there appears to be no other solution.

To re-boot these WS's, do the following:

  • Log into machine as user operator -- the password for this account is kept in the team office.
  • Change directory to root: cd /
  • Issue the reboot command: /etc/shutdown -r Rebooting will then commence in 60 seconds. Say No and Yes to the next questions.

Note that these same instrucions can be found in the 0readme file located in the home directory of the operator accounts.