NGAS Tools


This page contains links to some of the most useful tools regarding the NGAS.

NOTE: For further understanding of the NGAS it would be advisable to check the NGAS Homepage.

General Comment

The following NGAS Tools will be of a great help when it comes to deal with specific topics regarding the NGAS. Some of them deal with the NGAS Disk Status, General statistics for a given period, Last image archived, etc. As the NGAS project develops, more links will be added accordinly.

  • If you want to check the NGAS magnetic disks status, go to: NGAS Status.
  • If you want to check the last WFI / FEROS frame Archived at La Silla on the NGAS, go to: LAST WFI / FEROS Frame.
  • If you need to know whether disks have been sent from or to La Silla or are somewhere at one of the sites, go to: Disk Status Tool. You should also use this tool to change the status of a disk, e.g. In La Silla to Travelling.
  • If you want to produce DPR statistics from a particular period, go to: Dp_type Statistics.
  • If you want to produce Exp.Time statistics from a particular period, go to: Exp.Time Statistics.
  • If you need to check the NGAS Host Status Table go to:NGAS Host Status.
  • NOTE: for these last two links you have to enter the minimum and maximum dp-id, e.g. WFI.2001-09-30T12:00:00.000 and WFI.2002-03-31T12:00:00.000. If you enter the correct values you can get statistics for any period in time.