WFI Grism Mounting Procedure

For this delicate operation you need an experienced TIO

(1) Call the mechanics, they will dismount the WFI with tools stored in the fiber room(Integration Room).

  • Put Amplifiers and the Hydraulic pumps ON.
  • Reboot the TCS VME.
  • Start Up the TCS.
  • Put the telescope in the Zenith position. Use the TCS GUI.

(2) In the Dome:

  • Follow up the Safety instruction for working the Dome Area. Don't forget your Helmet and your safety shoes.
  • Put the telescope lock pins IN.
  • Let the mechanic team remove all the screws from WFI chassis.
  • Remove the nitrogen gas hose. No others cables or hoses must be disconnected.
  • The WFI must be mount over the carriage and attach to it (take care with cables and fibers).
  • Take out the Grism Unit from the storage room, call for help it is necessary.
  • Be sure that the protective shutter is close.
  • Take care with your fingers, don't talk or smoke over the Grism surface.
  • Put the Grism Unit directly over the central axis of the instrument.
  • Be sure that the aligment of the grism is Ok (see if the marks are colineal).
  • Put all the Grism screws around the flange.
  • Lift the instrument and reinstall the screws that connect the instrument to the telescope.
  • Disconnect the carriage from the instrument.
  • Now the Grism is installed in the instrument.
  • No telescope balance or other adjustment it is necessary.
  • Put the telescope lock pins OUT.
  • Remove all the objects or carriages around the telescope.
  • Store the special tools in the fiber room (Integration Room). (No other tools or spare are available)