The FEROS Data in the ESO Archive

All FEROS data since October 2003 have been archived via the VLT Data Flow System into the ESO Archive and are accessible via the standard ESO web tools. These data are subject to the normal ESO archive rules, i.e. the Principal Investigator of each project has exclusive rights to the corresponding data for a proprietory period of one year from the date of recieving his/her data package. Normally for Visitor Mode programmes this means from the end date of the observing run, while for Service Mode programmes this usually means the end of the respective period.

Data from September 2001 till September 2004, including data from both the ESO-1.52m telescope and the MPG/ESO-2.20m telescope, both before and after the FEROS-BigBang are also archived on CD-Rom by La Silla SciOps. A complete listing of NightLogs can be found here. However due to the time-consuming nature of retrieving this data and the lack of man power, access to this archive is very limited and is only considered in exceptional circumstances.

Sample Calibrations

A sample set of calibrations for each readout mode is available at the following links:

  • Normal readout speed, 1x1 binning = 225kHz,1,low,1x1: DRS reductions, raw data
  • Slow readout speed, 1x1 binning = 60kHz,1,high,1x1: DRS reductions, raw data
  • Normal readout speed, 2x2 binning = 225kHz,1,low,2x2: DRS reductions, raw data
  • Slow readout speed, 2x2 binning = 60kHz,1,high,2x2: DRS reductions, raw data

And even the experimental readout mode:

  • Fast readout speed, 1x1 binning = 625kHz,1,med,1x1: DRS reductions, raw data