Period 110 Time Allocation

Published: 11 Jul 2022

The 110th Observing Programmes Committee (OPC) met online in May 2022. Based on the committee’s recommendations to the ESO Director General, a total of 2221 (10-hour equivalent) nights of (Designated) Visitor Mode and Service Mode observations were allocated on the VLT/VLTI, 3.6-metre and NTT, and APEX telescopes. The submission deadline for Phase 2 observations is Thursday, 4 August 2022; see the separate announcement for further details.

On the VLT, the balance between the Visitor and Service Mode in Period 110 was about 12/88, excluding filler programmes. New and ongoing Large Programmes on the VLT occupy about 9% of the allocation. The time committed to Large Programmes on the 3.6-metre and NTT is 57% and 25%, respectively.

The outcome of the time allocation was communicated to the Principal Investigators (PIs) of proposals submitted for Period 110 on 11 July 2022, and can be accessed, for the first time, directly in P1. The new interface allows users, also for the first time,  to give feedback on the quality of received comments from the expert panels or Distributed Peer Review reviewers.