2022 Release of VLT/VLTI Instrument Data Reduction Software Packages

Published: 28 Mar 2022

The annual public release of ESO VLT/VLTI instruments data reduction software packages is scheduled for end of May 2022. Please note that the new pipeline packages will be released for the following operating systems: Fedora 33, 34, 35; Scientific Linux 7; CentOS 7; macOS 10.15, 11 and 12

ESO is working toward full support for the Apple M1 hardware, but for the time being it is not possible to say when MacPorts binary packages for the pipelines on M1 hardware will be provided. Nevertheless, the use of MacPorts is recommended as opposed to installing from install_esoreflex script. Using MacPorts the pipelines will build and install from source in macOS running on M1 hardware, thus installations will take a bit longer than for those OS versions that are supported with binary packages.

In addition to the release of data reduction pipelines in May, some instruments with pipelines under active development have intermediate releases throughout the year. To get announcements of new pipeline releases, please send an e-mail or visit the VLT Instrument Pipelines webpage.