The Messenger 186 is Now Available

Published: 24 Mar 2022

The latest edition of ESO's quarterly journal, The Messenger, is now available online. In this Issue 186 readers will find an article about the ongoing search for quiescent black holes, which has detected stripped stars instead. The issue continues with an overview of the ALMACAL project, describing this survey based on ALMA calibrator observations. Further, readers will be able to learn more about the processes that drive the evolution of isolated magnetic white dwarfs.

Issue 186 features a description of the recent redesign of the ALMA user experience, following recommendations from the community. A summary of some of the latest activities at ESO is available via the articles describing the last two editions of ESO’s summer research programme, as well as the renewed ESO Fellows Days, this time in cyberspace.  

The issue concludes with information about the recently launched ESO Visitor Programme for scientists working in Ukraine, as well as the profiles of two of ESO’s Fellows.