2022 Users Committee Meeting and Poll

Updated: 14 Mar 2022

The Users Committee (UC) represents ESO's astronomical community at large and acts as an advisory body to the ESO Director General on matters related to the performance, scientific access, operation and user interfaces to the La Silla Paranal Observatory and ALMA. The annual meeting of the UC is scheduled on 28 and 29 April 2022. During the UC meeting updates from ESO and feedback from the user community are exchanged and openly discussed. Each year one topic is explored in more detail and this year the Special Topic session is dedicated to future of Visitor Mode and remote participation in observations. The UC welcomes input, opinions and suggestions from the community either through direct contact with the UC members or through the Poll designed by the UC.

The poll is anonymous and the answers will be reviewed by the UC in preparation for the meeting. The poll is already accessible online and will stay open until 23 March 2022.

The meeting webpage includes a record of the last meeting with recommendations that will be discussed in April.