First Data Release of the ARO MASCOT Survey

Published: 01 Dec 2021

MASCOT (MaNGA-ARO Survey of CO Targets) is an ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey conducted with the 12m telescope at the Arizona Radio Observatory (ARO). It provides the community with CO(1-0) measurements of 187 galaxies at 0.03 < z < 0.1 and stellar masses of > 109.5 M, all selected from the SDSS-MaNGA survey. Through the SDSS-MaNGA data releases, all MASCOT targets have accompanying optical IFU observations and well-constrained (spatially resolved) quantities like stellar masses, star formation rates and metallicities. The first data release of the MASCOT Survey for is now available to the community through the Supplementary Material of the Data Release Paper as well as on the MASCOT website.

This MASCOT release consists of the binned and unbinned CO(1-0) spectra, SDSS three-color images showing the MaNGA and MASCOT footprints, as well as an accompanying table reporting survey-level quantities, such as the measured CO(1-0) fluxes, CO(1-0) luminosities, non-parametric kinematic line measurements, metallicity-depend 𝛂CO factors and inferred molecular gas masses.

More information about the release content can be found in the data release paper.