Workshop: La Silla Paranal Users Workshop – Getting Science Done with Your Observatory

Published: 12 Nov 2017

ESO Headquarters, Garching, Germany, 12–14 March 2018

ESO's ground-based observatories located in Chile serve a very diverse astronomical community. The La Silla Paranal Observatory offers observations with a variety of telescopes, instruments and observing modes and a wide ranging level of user support. If you are a La Silla Paranal Observatory user and are interested in face-to-face contact with the various support services at ESO, this workshop is for you. The workshop will provide you with all the necessary knowledge to make the most out of ESO data and thereby provide a strong momentum to your science. Further details are available below and via the workshop website, which also has a preliminary programme.

The La Silla Paranal Observatory provides support to its users, follows the quality of all observations and status of its instruments closely, archives the data, and for many instruments delivers science grade pipelines and reduced data products. This implies complex machinery that ensures efficiency but that may be daunting for the user community. With this workshop ESO is hereby reaching out to its users to present the various tools and services available, and at the same time, provide help in improving the technical side of their proposals and in reducing the data obtained with instruments in La Silla and Paranal.

The early registration deadline was 15 January 2018. Participants who registered by this deadline had the possibility to shape the second part of the workshop, reserved for hands-on experience and tutorials, by indicating which area (Phase1, Phase2, data reduction) they would like to explore further. Later registrations are being accepted but with no commitment to adjust the programme to individual requests. There is no registration fee for students and some limited support for students’ participation is possible upon request.