Imaging Mode Characteristics

VIMOS Imaging field orientation

The field of view in imaging mode consists in 4 quadrants of 7' x 8' each, separated by a cross 2' wide. Note that there is some slight vignetting on 2 corners along the 8' direction. The CCD size in imaging mode is 2048x2440 with a pixel size of 0.205 arc seconds.

The field orientation is presented in the following image.

Layout of the VIMOS imaging field of view.
The dispersion direction is horizontal. Click on image for full view.

VIMOS Imaging filters

Imaging with VIMOS is offered with a set of 6 broad band filters. Each arm of VIMOS is equipped with its own set of filters and some minor difference may exist in the transmission curve of the 4 quadrants.

The filter are close to a Moulds definition and allow to minimize color term to transform to the Johnson system.

The following table gives the list of VIMOS imaging filter

List of imaging filters offered for VIMOS

Click on the filter name to retrieve the transmission curve for the four quadrants

Filter Name