AMBER Documentation

The page contains links to documents that are needed to prepare your observations with VLTI/AMBER. For documentation on AMBER data reduction, please inspect the Tools section.

AMBER user manual

The user manual contains instrument specific information. Since P98, no major instrumental or operational changes are foreseen for AMBER.

  • User Manual, to be used for the CfP P97 and following periods, including P101.

VLTI user manual

The VLTI user manual contains VLTI specific information (e.g. related to STRAP, MACAO, IRIS, FINITO):


AMBER template manual

The template manual contains detailed information on the acquisition and observation templates to be consulted during phase 2 (OB preparation stage).

  • Template Manual to be consulted for P97 phase 2 and following periods, including P101.

AMBER P2PP tutorial

A detailed tutorial on the AMBER specifics for P2PP can be found at: