AO Group

The Adaptive Optics Group:

  • Develops and manages Adaptive Optics systems and facilities for the ESO telescopes (VLT, VLTI and E-ELT), using its strong system engineering competence.
  • Designs the test tools to verify the performance; installs and commissions the Adaptive Optics systems at the observatory
  • Provides support and training to the Directorate of Operation for the operation, maintenance and update of existing Adaptive Optics facilities
  • Provides Adaptive Optics technical and managerial support to the Directorate of Program for the planning, design, realisation and commissioning of ESO projects.
  • Explores new Adaptive Optics concepts and forsters the necessary technical developments to demonstrate the feasibilities.
  • Develops real time control platforms and algorithms.
  • Oversees the development of the Adaptive Optics key technologies in cooperation with industry.
  • Develops and maintains state of art adaptive optics simulation tools inline with the evolution of the new Adaptive Optics concepts.
  • Performs the necessary Adaptive optics simulations helping the design/optimization of the future ESO Adaptive Optics projects andpredicting and verifing the Adaptive Optics performance.
  • Facilitates the innovation and cooperation amongst the European Adaptive Optics community with the support of the European Commission programmes