MIDI Tools and Tips

VLTI-specific tools

ESO has developed a suite of tools to help you to prepare proposals for the VLT interferometric instruments (AMBER, MIDI):

  • VisCalc, the visibility vs. (u,v)-plane coverage calculator.
  • CalVin, the online catalog of interferometric calibrator-stars.

The list of UT and AT stations with their geographical coordinates can be found here.

MIDI-specific tools

Jansky/N-magnitude converter

To ease the edition of your proposals, here is a small online tool to deal with different mid-infrared target brightness units. In this converter, the Jansky flux is supposed to be at 12-micron wavelength (as it is found in the IRAS catalog, for example). Click on the arrows to do the conversions.

Jy N mag
N mag Jy

Spectrophotometric calibrators

The list of the spectrophotometric calibrators (to be used for calibration of the correlated flux of scientific targets) is available here. Note that most of the calibrators are suitable for the MIDI + UT observations only.

Generic Tools and information