DRS 3.5

The version 3.5 of the HARPS pipeline (DRS) was installed at the telescope on October 20th 2010. The major improvements with respect to the previous version are:

  • Order extraction completely rewritten
  • Bug on extraction profile corrected
  • Use of measured extraction profile (FF frame) instead of analytic profile
  • Horne cosmic rejection improved
  • Implementation of new extraction mode with correction of ThAr pollution
  • Order localization simplified
  • Bug on flat-field (low-sensitivity pixels) corrected
  • Quality control on flat-field more sensitive (rejection of frames with wiggles)
  • Blaze computation rewritten
  • Correction of blaze for FF source spectrum (requires wavelength calibration)
  • Implementation of background light subtraction
  • Coarse cosmic rejection (4-bin distribution) improved
  • Rebinning on uniform wavelength grid rewritten (s1d creation)
  • Quality control on drift measurement more sensitive (THAR2/shutter problems)
  • Bug on mid-exposure time corrected (saturation of exposure meter)
  • Computation of activity indices S and log(R'HK) available offline, new keywords
  • Relative flux correction more robust
  • Better telluric line removal in masks G2, K5 and M2
  • Bug on CCF noise at low SNR corrected (absolute value in correlbin)
  • More instrumental keywords added in db_update
  • Rejection of order 0 in CCF computation (order partially extracted)
  • Blaze correction in CCF computation implemented
  • Comb/FP recipes added
  • Polarimeter recipes added