Data Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find tutorial on AMBER data reduction?

The tutorials available on ADS are:

    Tatulli et al.: "Interferometric data reduction with AMBER/VLTI. Principle, estimators, and illustration", 2007A&A...464...29T
    Tatulli & Duvert : "AMBER data reduction", 2007NewAR..51..682T
    Tatulli, Malbet, & Duvert: "Presentation of AMBER/VLTI Data Reduction", 2008LNP...742..257T
    Milllour et al: ""Advanced" data reduction for the AMBER instrument", 2008SPIE.7013E.132M
    Millour et al.: "AMBER on the VLTI: Data Processing and Calibration Issues",
    Chelli et al.: "Optimised data reduction for the AMBER/VLTI instrument", 2009A&A...502..705C
    Hummel:"Processing of AMBER data",2008NewAR..52..192H