Data Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a line-list to use for the wavelength calibration of my data?


All static calibration files necessary to reduce FORS2 data are included in the calibration directory. In Reflex, these are located in install_dir/calib/fors-versionnumber/cal folder. The directory is also included in the FORS2 pipeline release file (available for download from The ACAT files are fits tables which contain the master line catalogs. Which of these files to use depends on the grism and order blocking filter used in your observation. This information can be extracted from the header of the fits file of the science data: The grism information is stored in HIERARCH ESO INS GRIS1 NAME and HIERARCH ESO INS GRIS1 ID, the filter information in HIERARCH ESO INS FILT1 NAME (exists only if a filter was used).