Data Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

The pipeline fails with an error similar to:

            Standard error:
            [ERROR] sinfo_rec_distortion: parsing cpl input
            [ERROR] sinfo_rec_distortion: Dumping all 2 error(s):
            [ERROR] sinfo_rec_distortion: [1/2]'An unspecified error: could not parse
            cpl input!' (1) at sinfo_new_lamp_flats.c:192
            [ERROR] sinfo_rec_distortion: [2/2]'An unspecified error: reducing
            lampflats' (1) at sinfo_rec_distortion:sinfo_rec_distortion.c:362
            [ERROR] esorex: Execution of recipe 'sinfo_rec_distortion' failed, status=-1

What is wrong, and how can I proceed?


The problem stems from the fact that the CalSelector has failed to supply all of the necessary files for the SINFONI distortion recipe to work. (This sometimes does happen and we're working to rectify this.) You must have 75 fits files with DPR.TYPE = DISTORTION,FIBRE,NS, 2 fits files of DPR.TYPE = DISTORTION,FLAT,NS, and 2 fits files of DPR.TYPE = DISTORTION,WAVE,NS. The simplest way to retrieve this suite of files is to use the query form, using start and end dates near the time of your science data and setting DPR.TYPE to be DISTORTION. This will then return the full list of 79 files from which you can select those that are currently missing.