Data Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

The esprd_sci_red recipe crashes, but all the input files and parameters seem ok. What happened?

There have been reported few cases in which the science pipeline crashes with no apparent reason, providing the following error message:

10:00:07 [WARNING] espdr_correct_flux: [tid=000] ESC[31mFlux correction not performed: no flux template available for spectral type F5ESC[0m
10:00:07 [ INFO ] : [tid=000] Computing CCF for fibre A sky_sub for size_y = 170 ...
10:00:47 [ ERROR ] espdr_sci_red: [tid=000] espdr_compute_CCF failed for sky_sub: Access beyond boundaries
10:00:47 [ ERROR ] cpl_errorstate_dump: [tid=000] Lost 11192 CPL error(s)
10:00:47 [ ERROR ] cpl_errorstate_dump_one_level: [tid=000] [11193/11212] 'Access beyond boundaries' (11) at cpl_image_get:cpl_image_io.c:747

To our best knowledge, the problem is associated to the presence of cosmic rays on some raw calibrations (category: WAVE,FP,FP), which led to a product that caused the failure in the science recipe. Future versions of the pipeline will be able to identify such issues and flag them appropriately.

To overcome the issue, two solutions are currently available:

  • Remove the cosmic ray from the faulty calibrations with external tools before starting the data reduction.
  • Replace the calibrations with those from a previous or followingday. It might be worth replacing all the calibrations (all WAVE,ORDERDEF, and FLAT types), even if not all are affected by cosmic rays, to avoid fibre misalignment between calibrations from different days.